Oil change service in Vail

Why Oil Changes Are Important

When it comes to oil changes, nobody is faster or more reliable than Vail Auto Repair. The friendly mechanics here are trained to perform fast Vail oil change Vail automotive repair service with honest vehicle assessments and excellent customer service. When you're looking for a Vail mechanic to do an oil change with high-quality AMSOIL motor oil, look no further than Vail Auto Repair, the only official AMSOIL partner in the Vail area.

Motor oil is by far the most important fluid in an engine, and changing your oil every three months or 3,000 miles is a must. When you drive your car or truck, microscopic particles of metal wear off from the insides of your engine. The oil is there to minimize this wear, and it gets dirty from the particles of metal mixing with it. The dirtier the oil gets, the less protection it provides your engine, and eventually, your engine will wear down to the point that it leaks and burns oil as you drive. Dirty oil in your engine is a problem, but driving when your engine is low on oil is much worse. If your car starts leaking or burning oil, you have to check the oil level every day before you start your car. If you drive your car when it's low on oil, it could permanently damage the engine and total your car. Even turning your engine on when there's no oil in it can ruin your car.

It's extremely important to keep up with the Vail oil change maintenance schedule printed in your owner's manual. Most of the time, newer cars can be serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations, but when a vehicle reaches 75,000 miles, you need to start checking your oil level about once a week. There is also special AMSOIL motor oil designed for cars with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer. It's good to use this extra-viscous oil to protect your engine from advanced wear. If you change your oil regularly and check the oil level before driving an older car, your engine can last indefinitely. Keeping up with routine maintenance and oil changes is much cheaper than buying a new car or replacing an engine.

A Vail mechanic can be a life saver when you need an honest opinion on a vehicle's engine condition. A lot of times, when you buy a used car, you can't be sure if the previous owner took care of the engine and changed the oil regularly. A mechanic can run a series of tests to determine whether the car is in sound condition before you buy it. When you schedule a meeting with a used car seller, it's a good idea to come to an agreement about having the car examined by a mechanic. If the owner has nothing to hide, he or she will most likely agree to the inspection. Otherwise, you may want to continue searching for a suitable vehicle to buy.

Vail Auto Repair is a top-quality auto mechanic serving the Vail area. We provide honest vehicle assessments, fast oil changes and excellent customer service. An oil change should only take 15 to 20 minutes, so there's no reason not to keep up with a vehicle's maintenance schedule. As a car gets older, it becomes even more important to keep up with a regular Vail oil change schedule, and choosing the friendliest, most reliable Vail mechanic makes this task easy. Don't put off changing your oil until irreparable damage has been done to your engine. Regular oil changes are the most affordable way to protect your engine from premature wear.