Vail tire repair and change

Vail Tire Change at Vail Auto Repair

When you live in Vail, Colorado, good tires are very important. The combination of steep mountains and snowy conditions can make driving tricky unless your automobile has quality tires that can provide you with the traction you need. We at Vail Auto Repair understand the importance of making sure your tires have adequate thread and are of good quality. We can help. If you're having a problem with your tires or need your winter or summer tires professionally balanced and installed on your vehicle come by the shop.

At Vail Auto Repair we don't sell tires. However, our team of experienced mechanics can repair your old tires or install new ones for you. Good winter tires are essential in Vail to keep you safe and keep you from sliding all over the roadway. Before the weather gets too treacherous you should stop by your favorite Vail mechanic and let us assess your tires, identify potential problems, or let you know if you need new ones. We don't sell tires at Vail auto repair shop. We just want to make sure you are safe and prepared for any kind of weather.

While we specialize in Vail automotive repair, we have tire experts on hand that can make any type of repair your tire needs or install winter or summer tires for you. Road conditions can vary greatly from season to season here in Vail and having the right type of tires on your car, truck, or SUV can make a dramatic difference. Many of you have specific tires for warm or wintery weather. We're the Vail automotive repair shop you can come to when it's time to switch tires. Our experts will balance and install your tires, check and improve your alignment, and get you ready for whatever Vail roads throw at you.

We're the Vail auto repair shop you can depend on to take care of all your automotive needs. Our tire experts can give you advice on the best type of tire for your vehicle depending on the season. We're a full service Vail automotive repair shop and we can assess, repair, and install the tires on any type of automobile in a flash and at an affordable price. Don't risk your safety and everyone else's by using the wrong tires for the conditions. Come in and let us help you.

As part of our overall vehicle service, we check on the condition of your tires. We'll let you know if they're damaged and in need of repair or replacement, if the thread height is appropriate for the conditions, or if it's time to switch to winter or summer tires. We're more than just your Vail mechanic. We're your neighbor and we care about your safety. Age, rough roads, dry rot, and other factors can make your tires unsafe. We recommend you come in periodically and let us check on the condition of your tires to ensure they're safe. We have the tools and technicians to take care of them for you.

As a courtesy to you we examine, repair, or replace your tires for you. When you use the services of this Vail mechanic, you become part of our extended family. Vail is a close knit community and we care about each other. When you come in to our Vail auto repair shop, we'll give you the best service possible. We will make sure you vehicle is running its best, you have your winter safety kit, and your tires are in great shape and appropriate for the weather conditions.